This Moment.

Sometimes, despite the planning of things, there is a moment, a brief flickering instant where you feel just like you knew you would.







Of these, hopeful is the most important. Hopeful keeps the insanity of the other five from taking over. Hopeful gives you peace. Hopeful lets you believe that it will all be ok.

Today, when I said my goodbyes, and left my job for the last time, I felt all of these things. Moving so far away from my friends and family is turning out to be a big thing. And despite all my planning ahead, and taking care of things in advance, and wondering about contingencies, I am suddenly very nervous about this move.

But mostly, I am hopeful.

Last train to Clarksville.

Today. Is my last day at work. If you could call it that. I won’t really be working much. I’ll be helping the girl who is replacing me get settled. I like her and I think she will do great, so I don’t mind. I plan on sitting in a chair beside her and knitting like a fiend.Perhaps I’ll get a couple more inches on the shrug. I would like to be back on the ribbing on the drive to Maryland, but I doubt it. Only 12 inches or so into the feather and fan. 12 more to go. And then of course I’ll just fuss about the ribbing taking forever.

I can’t decide if I am a process knitter or a production knitter. I feel the need to do something with my hands while I sit around, and I enjoy knitting. I don’t feel a rush to complete things overly much either. That’s process. I sure as hell love having FOs. I like to have them for gives, for using myself, whatever. I like knowing I have completed things. That’s production.
Perhaps, like most everyone else, I am somewhere in between. And in this case, I don’t mind being just another sheep. Baaa.

Yarn Therapy?

After a less than satisfactory trip to the Doc’s, I wanted to spend money. And lo! there is a Hobby Lobby about a block from the office building. I went. They were still having a half off sale for knitting implements. I got yet another pair of the Lion plastic dpns. I can’t help myself! I really love them! These were size 5. I now have 5s, 6s, 8s, and 10s in these things. I didn’t get 7s because I have dpns in that size already. But it was a temptation, believe me.

I also cheated and got MORE YARN. But just the one little skein, and it doesn’t count… I mean… I’m gonna make more washcloths with it… yeah… I didn’t get it just because I was feeling pissy and it was really soft or anything..nope. Not me. Ok yes. That’s exactly why I got it. But I will make washcloths with it. Probably the reverse-bloom one at that. I am powerless at the thought of (cotton) chenille washcloths, I cannot resist. Have any of you ever made/used a cotton chenille washcloth? DIVINE! And ok so this stuff is acrylic…. It’ll be fine…(maybe).

I also bought a package of Bit-O-Honeys. Nothing like a massive amount of sugar to kick you in the ass and cheer you up. Altogether I spent less than 8 bucks. Not only was it good therapy shopping, it was cheap!

All knotted up.

I would love to make the above motif into something all cabley and hawt. However this motif doesn’t really lend itself to cabling. After having seen Eunny’s freaking awesome instructions on how to map out a cable idea, I just don’t see this one working that well. Perhaps it’s more of a Gansey motif. I dunno. But I sure as hell wanted it to be sexy cables. Yes, yes I did.

Short day today at work due to a Doc’s appt. Yay. Or Boo. Depends on my view at the moment. I got most of my bathroom packed, so the moving business is coming along steadily, if slowly.

A week from today I will be loading a truck and moving to the great white north. I’m not too worried about it really. My biggest concern is how the princess Daisy will adapt. The rest will be fine. I applied to a College Park MD SnB yahoo group yesterday but haven’t been accepted yet, and the news on the front page was over a year old. It might be defunct. If anyone is in that area and is interested in starting up a SnB or just casual get togethers to knit now and then, I think it’s something I would like to try. I have been a solitary crafter so far, in all things, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share.. right?

Whip it. Whip it good.

I want to make whipped soap. I will have to wait until after the move of course. Well, I don’t HAVE to, but it only makes sense. I shouldn’t be messing and gomming with soap in the kitchen, I should be packing. Therefore, there will be no more soap, candle, bath/body product making, until after the move. Furthermore, I declare I cannot make these things until all the boxes are unpacked as well. You are my witnesses and you must hold me to this oath. But, I want to make whipped soap. I want to make it smell of sugar cookies, and vanilla. I want to add ginger and cinnamon leaf EOs and evoke the scent of gingerbread men throughout the house (apt!). I want to burn Apple Jack candles I have not yet made. Fall is quickly melting into winter and Christmas is now so close. For the first time in a long time I am actually looking forward to the holidays as something other than mass chaos. I still don’t have the urge to put up a tree and trim it out, but maybe some garlands, ribbons, and perhaps a wreath. And candles. Definitely candles.


And I don’t mean Jen Adorno’s cute little ribbed sweater either. (Which I plan on making one day… one day… after I learn to adjust the sizing to fit me.) It is officially my last week at work. Yay. But I don’t want to go in at all. I would much rather just stay home this week and pack. Today is my last late day. I say this but I bet it’s not. I ended up having late days 4 out of 5 last week. Admittedly, one was a trade for not being late tomorrow, but still! Tired of working til dark-thirty. So much to do before the move. So many little things I am constantly forgetting. My room is a wreck. The kitchen table is covered in the dishes I am taking. The problem with integrating households when you live with someone is having to separate them later and know what is your stuff and what isn’t. Shmoo better decide to keep me! After merging possessions with him, I refuse to separate them! They will just all be mine! MUHAHAHAHAA!

Neenja Style Turkey

Yesterday I went to visit my mother, step-father, and brother with full intent on returning home last night. This did not happen. My family suprised me with an early Thanksgiving dinner! Turkey, Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Rolls, Pumpkin Pie! MMMMMM. And then of course a nap on the couch. I ended up spending the night, which was fine, because Daisy always enjoys hanging out there and playing with their dogs. She comes home tired and I get peace and quiet for a few hours. Winners all around.

So, I took my visiting time as knitting time as well and did a bit more on the Shrug. I am really starting to like the feather and fan. It’s using much less yarn than the ribbing. It’s an easy pattern to keep track of even if I wander off in the middle of a row. I am still not sure how the overall FO will turn out still but I have hope that it will be something I want to wear. (As opposed to something I desperately need to frog….)

Click here if you feel the need to see this in OMGWTFBBQLOL! huge size detail.

Error Corrections.

One of the things I really like about knitting, as opposed to crochet, is that if I find a mistake 3 rows back, I can wait til I can drop back down and fix it. As a general safegaurd I take safety pins and place them in the stitches below the ones I am correcting so I don’t drop the stitches down too far, and then I just pull them out. Poof! Then I get an appropriate sized crochet hook and fix it. I can’t do cables so well yet, but I have some ideas on them next time it happens. And I just did a correction in my feather and fan that isn’t perfect, but it was on the actual pattern row, so I am still pretty impressed with myself. I like that I don’t have to frog all the way back to a mistake a lot. In crochet, I generally say, “screw it, it’s handmade, that’s just proof” and go on.

I picked up stitches for the first time while doing the flaps on the Jayne hat. And while I don’t know how a good, experienced knitter does them, I know how I did them and it made sense to me. I used my crochet hook and picked them up. Zoom zoom! When I had more stitches than I was comfy with I slipped them off the back onto my knitting needle and then picked up more and slid off as needed. When I got to the end, I just put them over to the knitting needle, poof! Done. I am sure that this method is wrong for some reason, but it worked for me. I plan on using it again when I need to pick up stitches for something else.

I only got two more pattern repeats done on my feather and fanning so I didn’t bother to take a picture. Alas, you are left alone with only my thoughts today.

The Jayne! Boss! The Jayne!

For those of you old enough to remember Fantasy Island…. I think I wanted to marry Mr. Rourke when I was about 5. Now I just think he’s kinda creepy. But I digress.

Jayne is complete. I am in love with Lamb’s Pride Bulky.

Earflaps are sexy.

Midway through the first flap and I believe Jayne will be completed tonight. Then it’s back to the craftster shrug between packing boxes.

I joined the Klaralund kal and asked about pattern adjustments. The answers I got were very helpful. I think that after I move I am going to buy that pattern book and some Noro Silk Garden (OMG at the amount I will need!) and go for it.

Am I the only one that has way too many ideas to actually knit. I know it doesn’t help that I am a slow knitter but there are so many cool things out there to make and so many things that I have ideas about. For instance, I was looking at the loop-de-loop website and saw the scarf/wrap where she wove the crossover together. That’s pretty neat. I want to do that now. I might try it later on this winter. I think I need to master making a sock first and get a few more sweaters to battle the snow that I will not be used to having around.

While talking on the phone to shmoo the other night, I realized that there is a good chance for snow WHILE we are moving me. This is inconceivable to me. Snow is something that happens at Christmas or in January, possibly February. But it only happens once. ONCE! And then it goes away for two years. It will not be like this in the great white north. I better get on those Geisha socks so I can wear my flip-flops ASAP! Frostbite on your toesies sucks.