Holy Crap! Where did April go? Particularly the last week of where I totally kept meaning to take a photo of my knitting and post it along with the fact I’ve made no progess at all lately.

I tote my knitting around everywhere and don’t work on it. But should the opportunity come up, I am ready! What this means of course is that I am not taking the opportunities when they arise, likely because I want to work on a different project but I won’t let myself. I want this finished item dammit. I wants it! My precious!

I’ve been doing well otherwise, just busy busy. Work is busy, home is busy, there’s always things to do. Like knitting group last night, that I just didn’t go to. I haven’t been since December. Not sure why, I like the group, maybe it’s just because I know it will keep me up too late and I’ve been having enough trouble sleeping as is.

At any rate, one day when I finish knitting my shawl I’ll post it. :D

Ohhh and Maryland Sheep and Wool is this weekend, I almost forgot! We are going on Sunday this year, since it’s supposed to be less crowded on Sunday and I am thinking maybe I’ll enjoy the experience more. I like fiber festival atmospheres but too many people in one place tend to stress me. It’s too hard to move around, much less move around with a bag of purchases. I don’t care for it. Not at all. And of course shmoo is just along for the ride and to sherpa for me, so he’s all about getting in and out ASAP. Maybe the slower Sunday vibe will be better for him too.

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  1. Hey Laura!! How’ve you been? I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts…looks like you’re staying busy. Miss you!!

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