We are home from 3 weeks in Arizona, and while I took my knitting and spent many many hours at the Mayo Hospital there, I did not do a lot of knitting.
I did however teach shmoo’s sister to knit, and finally on the last day we were there was able to go to the only real yarn shop in the area.

If you are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, check out Jesicca Knits, it’s a lovely shop, great selection, super super nice staff, even though we skated it 30 minutes before they closed for the day on a Saturday, and just a lovely experience over all. Very happy with them, would shop there again, kinda sad they aren’t local to me.

We also ate at Fate Brewing in Scottsdale for lunch one day and even the salads were really great. As shmoo said “I’d have eaten 3 or 4 of those spinach salads!!” I got the house salad and felt the same. Their pizza options were interesting and tasty as well. And the beer was really good. They did an IPA with Falconer’s Flight hops in it, which is a favorite of ours, so much so that shmoo ended up buying a growler of it to go with him.

Arizona is lovely this time of year as long as you don’t have allergies and like brown. Towards the end of the 2nd week things stopped looking so brown, and I knew that I’d been there too long because I could now see the colors in everything. Their spring is not that green and I missed some of the verdant greens we see hear on the east coast. My allergies were way worse than they are here in Maryland, but not as bad as if it were Georgia, but still I had to heavily medicate for them every day, which I don’t care for.

We were told that Coyotes, Javalinas, and Rattlesnakes were a problem out in the area we were, but didn’t see a damn one of them. I was really disappointed by the lack of coyotes and pigs. Rattlesnakes I’ve seen before so that didn’t matter. But we’d been told the coyotes are an aggressive problem that like to run in packs around the retirement neighborhoods snatching up small dogs to eat and running away with them. The pigs just wander around in aggressive herds like bored youths.

Our last nifty surprise was at the airport. We ate breakfast at a place called Bario cafe in Terminal 4 gate D, and discovered Michealados. For those of you like us who had never heard of them before… it’s a light plain beer, like dos eqis, corona, or bud light, ice, spicy bloody mary mix, lime juice, and some hot sauce in a glass with a salted rim. And it was pretty damn awesome. We are totally planning on making these for brunch, camping or Florida vacation in the future. Crazy good. Really.

So, that’s Arizona for you. Dry, brown, and pollen-laden with sketchy gang-banger style wildlife roaming retirement communities.
I’d go again to visit, but hopefully next time not because of a family emergency, and not for nearly as long.

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  1. This page sponsored by the Arizona Tourist Board (not so much). I like my piggies roasted, not hanging about in packs on street corners, they’re not at all cute once they get big.

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