So here’s a totally crap photo of my first FO for 2011.


Evangaline armwarmers (formerly found on magknits, now sold on Ravelry) knit up in Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted yarn, color Tourmaline. The photo does not do justice to the hue and saturation of the yarn. Nor does it convey it’s squooshyness factor, but it’s the only photo I am going to have of these, because after wearing them for two hours I gave them away.

Yes, I loved them. Yes, I knit them up just for me. But I have another hank of that yarn and I can knit more. Johnny doesn’t make it home to the states that often and waiting to mail a pair to his daughter meant figuring out how to mail something to Uganda once I finished the second pair, and hoping that it actually did get delivered, and there were no problems with Customs there in Uganda. And all that was assuming I finished them ever and didn’t get bored and just flake off in general about the whole damn thing, as we all know I am quite prone to do with knitting.

So… he was at shmoocon, and I was at shmoocon, and I just gave him my pair, though I had already worn them for about 2 hours, to take back to Uganda with him when he goes for one of his girls. It was the right thing to do, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Also, Johnny is doing really cool shit in Uganda. I am sure I’ve blathered on about it before, but he’s staying over there longer than originally planned and I feel like what he is doing is pretty damn awesome and more people should know about it. So here is a link to his Shmoocon 2011 presentation if you want to check it out:



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  1. Caroline M on February 6, 2011 7:29 am

    Well you’ll get the warm feeling from them all the time now, not just when you would have been wearing them. I like the way that the cables grow out of the rib and the colour is gorgeous. I’ll take your word on the smooshy.

  2. Carol on February 12, 2011 10:37 pm

    They are perfectly lovely looking. Now get knitting some for you!

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