Oops, I knit it again.

I’ve knit another baby sweater and a hat that I didn’t bother to post about.
In all fairness, the sweater was a gift for the newborn of someone who I am pretty sure doesn’t read my blog, but knows that it’s here, and COULD read it. And the hat I cranked out in about a day and promptly gave to shmoo.


The sweater is Riverstone and I knit it up in my handspun BFL by Sakina Needles.
It took some finagling to get the sleeves to match and the color shift for picking up the body to do properly, but it was worth it in the end. I left out the front button placket and the back next button as well. It was a simple, fairly fast knit, that I knit slightly under gauge so I use a bigger size to get the size I was after.
Since completion, the sweater has been packaged, wrapped, and gifted, and I have no idea if it fit the young wearer it was intended for or not.


The hat is a TSG logo hat for shmoo based on the chart I created at the beginning of the year. I’d been meaning to do him a TSG logo hat for a while, and I had some KnitPicks wool I wanted to try out, and honestly I can’t remember the name, but it was a soft worsted and I liked it. One of their newer soft worsteds. The white is WotA from KP. Intarsia in the round is just a big pain, as it always is, but despite the wonkyness of it, I think it turned out fine.


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