First, let’s get 2008 out of the way….. I didn’t get a lot accomplished in the knitting and spinning departments. I just didn’t. Work and Warcraft seem to have gotten in the way. I can live with that.

I did accomplish some of my 2008 goals, and that is enough.

For 2009, I am going to take last year’s rules for fiberyness, and apply them again for the most part and here they are:

I will knit from my stash unless it’s for a swap or a gift.
I will not buy yarn without a specific purpose in mind, and I will shop the stash first when choosing things to make.
I will not buy more fiber for spinning until the 12+ pounds I have now is completed. (and knitted!)
Sock yarn does count. I have more of it than I really need considering I don’t produce an astounding number of socks.
I need to stop buying so many knitting books. I have a ton as it is, and I’ll never make everything in them as it is.

I can still buy Vacation yarn guilt free. I can still buy a book if it really appeals to me.

2009 Goals:

I will knit myself 2 sweaters.
I will knit myself a matching pair of socks.
I will knit shmoo something to be determined at a later date.
(ETA: He wants more socks. He mentioned something about “If that will help you knit more socks I’ll get you two of them!” And I said, “So you really like your socks then?” And he replied, “Hell yes!” Hehe.)

I will make at least one batch of soap a month or at least 12 over the course of 2009.
I will make liquid soap.

I will level my priest (51) and hunter (69) to 80, before giving up and totally abandoning them both to focus on my Mage (already 80) and my Druid (76).

That’s about it. I am trying to keep my goals minimal and low-key, so I can make the most of my free time by doing what it is I wish to be doing. I want to be more in the moment of what I am doing, regardless of what it is, and add stress about unmet self-imposed goals just isn’t going to allow me to do that.



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  1. WendyI on January 2, 2009 10:16 pm

    No Warcraft for me, but I think I can get on board with the knitting and spinning resolutions! Buying with a specific purpose is far more doable than the restrictive “I will not buy yarn this year” :)


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