I want to finish more projects, and spend my craft dollars more thoughtfully. I hop around a lot and have way too many going on, but I want to finish up more things. And, I have a plan.

    I will knit from my stash unless it’s for a swap or a gift.
    I will not buy yarn without a specific purpose in mind, and I will shop the stash first when choosing things to make.
    I will not buy more fiber for spinning until the 12+ pounds I have now is completed. (and knitted!)
    Sock yarn does count. I have more of it than I really need considering I don’t produce an astounding number of socks.
    I need to stop buying so many knitting books. I have a ton as it is, and my craft time is more scarce.

Now, no woman is an island, and sometimes these resolutions can feel harsh. So to help with that, I have the following amendments and exceptions. I am hopeful that by not telling myself “NO!” right out, I won’t feel restricted and rebel against my own guidelines.

    I will not flog myself and want to die with guilt if I do end up buying some yarn. (It’s nice to be able to have yarn to remember a vacation and I don’t plan on stopping that habit. And there is a sweater I want to make this year that I know I do not have the yarn for and no reasonable substitute either.)
    I can spend 50 dollars on fiber at MSW, but that. is. it.
    If I like, can knit AND wear more than 5 patterns in a book, then I can consider buying it.

Ok, those are my spending goals. Now let’s take a look at the actual crafting goals.

These items need to be finished or ripped:

    Hooded Baby Sweater – Ripped
    Lace Leaf Shawl-Done May 27
    Sari Silk Scarf
    Skyscraper sock 2
    Secret Skwerl Socks
    Shmoo socks.
    Shetland Triangle
    Shmoose hat ~Done Jan. 3
    Shmoo’s slippers
    Chenille Scarf
    Unoriginal Hat ~Done Jan. 17

Things I want to knit:
(why yes, some of these are repeats from last year)

    Simpled Knitted Bodice
    Rowan Butterfly
    Entrelac Fish Mittens
    Colorwork hat ~Ufserud, Done Feb 2
    A second Anemoi Mitten
    Pomatomus Socks for me
    Koolhas (one for me, one for shmoo)
    Shedir (for me this time)
    Fingertipless gloves for shmoo
    Sketchbook Cover by Veronik Avery
    Aspen Top-Down Sweater
    A stole using my WitW Golddust
    Wisp (2 of them most likely)
    Rainbow Brite Socks (jaywalkers?)



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  1. karen on January 1, 2008 9:07 pm

    what a great resolution! i don’t think i have the self control. everytime i see yarn that i like, i buy it, whether or not i need it. i do use coupons, but that only saves me so much.
    good luck with your resolutions!

  2. Knit Nurse on January 2, 2008 5:09 am

    your goals are inspiring – I may adopt them for myself, assuming you don’t mind! Good luck!

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