You know that post that people do at New Year’s? The one where you list plans and goals and blah blah blah. Yeah, that’s what this is. Flee now or understand you are in for a lot of babbling.
The lovely Amie has decided to knit 7 sweaters this year. I don’t plan on anything as ambitious as that, however I am feeling fairly ambitious, and have decided that I will knit for myself this year. So here we go….

I want to finish up the following projects:
black and multi sari silk scarf (for me) – done, but it had an issue, second one has been in progress for about 9 months.
Lace Leaf Shawl (for my mother, maybe.) – FAILED
Supersheep (he’s not dead, he’s just hiding) – No, he’s dead. I might reincarnate and do this again one day, but not any time soon.
Clapotis (and maybe Eleanor… both for me) – Done, gave to Sarah because it didn’t thrill me.
Super Sekrit Skwerl Socks (secret gift knitting) FAILED, these damned socks still aren’t done.
Handspun mitts (for me, and practically already done) – Done, I wear them a lot.
Diagonal Rib socks (those purples ones you haven’t seen in ages) Ripped.

I want to start (and finish!) the following projects:
Rowan’s Butterfly – Hahahahaaa, No.
Arwen Cardigan – Started, but only about 1/3 of the back is done.
Saharah – Not started, still planned.
Simple Knitted Bodice – Not started, still planned.
Icarus and Swallowtail (these can be subbed with other lace projects, one of which is possibly Geyl) – nope, not a one.
Shedir plus two more knit hats as of yet undetermined origin. (You can never have enough hats) – Shedir done, sent to my brother and lost in the mail. He never got it. I have two hats both half done though.. so soon perhaps.
Shmitts (Mitts for shmoo, obviously. Most likely from handspun. No pattern, just based loosely off of mine.) ~ Not even started yet, and he whines constantly when I wear mine.
2 pairs of socks, one for shmoo, one for me. Patterns undetermined. – Ok so. two pair of socks done, but not for me, and not for shmoo.
Entrelac fish mittens – not done, but I still love them and plan to make them

I want to try and whittle down my stash, or eliminate most of it. – sooo not done, maybe next year.

I want to not accumulate a fiber stash that is equal to my current knitting stash.
I want to be more focused and prepared for Maryland Sheep and Wool.

(These are easy, you should say. Just don’t buy yarn/fiber. If you don’t buy it, it’s not there. Yeah, I use that logic too, and yet, I still seem to end up with more yarn and fiber. Perhaps my will power is lacking. And as for MS&W, last year was my first year, I was overwhelmed. I’d like to go in with some ideas of what I want, and get things I know I’ll use and can’t get any where else, and let that be it.)
Well, I did good a MSW, but I ordered some stuff online and went apeshit at Rhinebeck…

As for spinning goals:
I’d just like to get more consistent and continue to improve and just really enjoy having a wheel.
I’d like to spin enough of a fiber (or fibers) to knit myself a sweater. (One of those listed above would be awesome.)
I’d like to keep spinning and knitting both and not let spinning overtake knitting. (I have joined Project Spectrum for this year and plan to use the color/month combinations to determine what I spin. Otherwise, I might just quit knitting altogether and spin. It’s just so… soothing.) – I am a better spinner, but not superb. I now own enough fiber to spin enough for a sweater… so that should happen next year. I didn’t follow Project Spectrum entirely. I still spin and knit, and I tend to do one or the other in phases.

I’d like to be a more thoughtful knitter.
I want to stop casting on for things at a whim.
(I am hoping a lack of stash will help with these first two.)
I want to finish more projects.
(Perhaps if I am more careful to cast on, I’ll find myself dissatisfied with the way projects are going less often.)
I want to enjoy what I knit.
I want to wear what I knit. – I enjoy what I knit or I don’t knit it, so that’s a good change for the better. I don’t fight projects anymore. If I never finish anything, oh well.

That’s about it.
Gee.. I’m not asking for much, am I? ;)



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  1. Stacey on January 4, 2007 1:47 pm

    I am so with you on your MD goal – even after 2 years going I still feel frazzled! You have a great list – ambitious, but not unreachable goals! All great projects!!!!!

  2. Lolly on January 4, 2007 3:53 pm

    I didn’t really set up knitting goals this year… I know I need to knit more socks, and
    work through my stash. We’ll see how many sweaters this year holds!

    Thanks for joining PS this time, Laura! I am thrilled that you are going to be a part of the fun!

  3. Jody on January 4, 2007 4:15 pm

    Awesome wishlist – I may steal some of those! I am with you about MD Sheep and Wool… I had only been knitting about three months when I went last year and was totally dumb struck. I had no idea what
    to buy and ended up buying stuff I’ll probably never use.

    I will be much wiser this time around!!

  4. Amie on January 5, 2007 5:05 pm

    Hey, look! I have time to read a blog!

    My 7 sweaters thing was really out of desparation, since almost everything I did last year was for someone else, so there I was knitting seven days a week and not having anything of my own to show for it. That’s hardly fair, right? And it will be a push, what with life being what it is, so it’s a little bit of a challenge, too.

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