Plated week 30

Chicken Samosas with Cucumber Raita Salad

This was tasty. Well, the Samosas were tasty. But I also kinda of cheated on them. The Tikka Masala curry paste did not turn the ground chicken as red as it appeared in the example photo on the recipe card, and it tasted a bit bland, so I threw in a rough tablespoon’s worth of Tandoori seasoning to help that out. The recipe used empanada dough for the samosas, then they were fried up on the stove top. As for the raita salad, eh, we weren’t fans. It wasn’t seasoned well and the consistancy was weird. The yogurt they sent was low fat so when that bit of dairy was combined with the lemon juice, it just didn’t blend up well enough in my opinion. The yogurt was already super runny and since citrus curdles dairy, just eh. Also, it just didn’t taste as good as a cucumber relish/sauce I’ve been making for a while now for us anyway, so we were comparing it to that when we ate, and it came up lacking. Shmoo doesn’t care for cucumbers generally, he eats them, but doesn’t seek them out. He recently read (on reddit maybe?) what he feels is the reason he doesn’t like them: The best part of the cucumber tastes like the worst part of a watermelon (the rind). He agrees with that statement whole heartedly. We’d probably do the samosas again with strong seasoning, like vindaloo, and do the cucumber salad the way I normally do it when we are having tacos.

Lamb Meatballs with Israeli Salad and Toasted Pita

This was pretty good, however it wasn’t as good as the Lamb Kabab dish a few weeks ago, so it’s not something we’d make, we’d just have that dish instead, because it’s very similar. The green tahini sauce wasn’t as good as the mint sauce in the other dish, but I could see using it. This was the best version of an Israeli Salad they’ve sent instructions for, and I liked it, though I think I should have put a tidge more salt in the dressing, or maybe some kalamata olives in the salad. The dressing had sumac in it, which added a tiny bit of texture and flavor that was different, so I’ll probably use that again in a future vinagrette whip up on my own since I have a little jar in the cabinet and we never really use it. The instructions for this dish also had you tear up the pita for serving, no idea why, it just made it a pain in the ass to eat. Oh and the instructions had you bake the meatballs, but I didn’t, I just stuck them in a pan and cooked them til done through and a little crusted on each side, because it’s too damn hot to be heating up the whole house with the oven when I just use the stop top more quickly instead and everything cools off faster.