Plated Catchup, Weeks 11-17

Week 11

Beef Rendang with Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, and Yellow Rice
We liked it, but it was not an inspirational recipe for us. I was not compelled to recraft it or recreate it in any way, but we don’t regret getting it either.

Brown Butter Orecchiette
This was delicious and we’ve made it twice since. Shmoo LOVED it. “That stuff was fucking delicious, plus it had peas in it!!”

Week 12

Buffalo Cauliflower Bowl with Corn, Romaine, and Greek Yogurt Ranch
Tasty, and very likely something we’d do again if we could remember more often that we liked it. Filling though vegetarian.

Korean Beef Burritos with Kimchi Rice and Gochujang Aioli
Wasn’t very memorable. I do remember being disappointed that there was not actual Kimchi to go in the rice. (Looking back at the ingredient list for this recipe, it shows 1 cup of kimchi, but we didn’t get that and we didn’t notice that we didn’t, or it wasn’t true kimchi, because I distinctly remember being disappointed about there being no kimchi for this one, and shmoo remembers me saying something about it at the time.)

Week 13

Shakshuka with Roasted Eggplant, Bell Peppers, and Feta
We really liked the Shakshuka, but I did pick out most of my eggplant. The more vegetarian dishes we do, the more I just know I don’t like eggplant and don’t want to eat it. Shmoo will eat it but doesn’t really care for it either.
Other than that though, this was really good, and we will probably consider making it again with tofu or seitan (quorn, morningstar, etc) at some point.

Teriyaki Salmon Tacos with Seaweed Salad
The Teriyaki Salmon tacos were a hit with shmoo. The Seaweed Salad we both found repulsive. I ate 1.5 of my 3 tacos for this dish. Fish is always going to be work for me to eat, but I gave it an honest effort and learned that Teriyaki is a decent way to cover up fish taste, so there’s that.

Week 14

Risotto with Kale Walnut Pesto
This was not a true risotto or a true pesto and Dinosaur Kale is weird. Other than that, it was a tasty rice dish that had a good flavor overall, and the walnuts added some texture so it wasn’t boring to eat.

Caprese Empanadas
These were yum! I need to find a good empanada dough recipe so we can make them again ourselves. I always find things you eat with your hands appealing for some reason, so possibly that this was empanadas made me like it more than I would have it if were done in a slightly different preparation, but we liked these and would eat again.

Week 15

First, I need to talk about the Arugula and Plated’s customer Service for this one. Our Arugula was going bad or already there when we went to eat these on Saturday and Sunday night. (Our boxes come on Tuesdays, so it had been in our fridge for 4-5 days at this point.) The next week’s dish also had Arugula in it that was already starting to go, and I was cooking it Tuesday night, so I had shmoo contact customer service to let them know their Arugula was an issue and they should look into their supplier.

Customer service was very nice. She listened to the issue, and then she credited shmoo 24 bucks to his account for the bad Arugula. While that’s nice and all, and probably their policy, that really wasn’t what we were aiming for as a result. I didn’t really want money back or a credit, I wanted them to stop using shitty Arugula that was going bad in our boxes. I can generally tell when lettuces and such are about to go bad, I feel like most people can. Why was that packed in our boxes?

Anyway, can’t complain about the credit, it was over and above what we were seeking as a result. The only real complaint I have is that the rep closed out the chat session prior to shmoo doing so. Now, we were done and he was trying to figure out how to close it, but as someone who has worked customer service for years, and had to do chat support, you never never close your session first when you are the support rep, and if you do, it’s because something went wrong or they went unresponsive for X number of minutes where X > 5. So while no harm no foul, if I were this person’s manager, I wouldn’t like that behavior, and it irked me to see it as a customer. Shmoo however, had absolutely no problem with this.

Beef Bolognese Sliders with Ricotta and Arugula Salad
Huge disappointment. Liked the brioche buns and the Ricotta/Parm mixture on top and the carmelized onions in the meat, but either we just never realized Bolognese was so damn bland, or this was just too damn bland in general. The Ricotta and Parm mixturem, the onions in the meat, and the brioche buns, we carried over into some Sloppy Joes a week or two later, and that WAS good. So now this might be one of my go-to super fast meals as long as the sauce on the meat is Manwhich sauce and not bland bland bolognese. (The salad was meh due to the failing Arugula.)

Crunchy Chicken Milanese with Honey Mustard and Arugula
This was good, though I thought it used too many dishes. I’d do chicken again this way. The honey mustard was a nice addition as well. I could see making this version of honey mustard to go with some chicken tenders. I replaced the crappy Arugula with some some iceberg lettuce we had in the fridge for the salad, and it was still good, mostly because the vinaigrette was a very bright taste. If the Arugula had been better off, the salad likely would have been the star of the plate.

Week 16

Cacio e Pepe Gnocchi with Asparagus, Peas, and Mint
We both liked this one, though I think shmoo might have liked it just because he really likes gnocci. I’ve used the technique for this sauce with linguini on days I work from home for quick easy but tasty and filling lunch twice now, and know I will do so again.

Steak Gyros with Greek Yogurt-Feta Sauce and Peppers
This was OK, but this was the dish that the Arugula was already going bad on the same day we got the shipment, so over all it could have been better but it was good.

Week 17

Little Gem Caesar with Crispy Chickpeas, Purple Potatoes, and Spring Onion
This was both hit and miss.
Plated contacted us about substitutions in advance. Green gem lettuce instead of reg gem, and spring scallions instead of spring onions.
The seasoned and baked chickpeas and purple potatoes were really good.
The lettuce was halved and then quartered longways, and then used like that. I liked this but it also kinda made it difficult to eat. I could see doing this again but then also doing some crosswise cuts to make it more bite sized, so you still get the large block of lettuce, but not a whole spear at once.
The Ceasar dressing was not a Ceasar dressing and the whole reason I picked this recipe was to learn to make a proper Ceasar dressing.
The watermelon radish. We were sent WAY. TOO. MUCH. Saying too much is not even nearly the amount that was sent. It was also tough and not very flavorful. Regular radishes would have been really good here, but going to take a pass on watermelon radishes in the future.

Seared Steak Quesadillas with Poblano Salsa and Chimichurri
So so good. We are already making this again for ourselves because we have most of the ingredients on hand and skirt steak was on sale when we went to order groceries. Shmoo will grill the seasoned skirt steak, and then we’ll do this one night, and fajitas another. (Even later update, we’ve made this ourselves twice!)