Plated Week 9

This week we liked both of the meals, and both of them had meat in them, which is a bit different for us because we try to get a vegetarian meal for at least one of the dishes. There were some great things about both dishes and some things we’d change.

Beef Lo Mein with Snow Peas and Scallions
The flavors in this one were awesome, and I feel I could easily make it again on my own when we are craving chinese takeout. The one miss for both of us was that the dish used linguini noodles instead of egg noodles of some sort. Last week we had a dish that had long life noodles in it. I think that if this dish had used that type of noodle, it would have been the best dish we’d gotten thus far. So yeah the noodles were a bit off, but the rest of it, YUM.

Green Chile Chicken Tacos with Mexican Street Corn
So, let’s start with the street corn here. Meh. It was basically cooked like the Italian Street Corn in an earlier dish we’d gotten so I think they just do a pan cooked corn with mayo and cheese and call it street corn of whatever nationality the main part of the dish is. I find this both sneaky/deceptive and pretty darned clever. For this one, they had subbed the cohita cheese with queso and it used less mayo than the italian version so it wasn’t as creamy, and shmoo noticed. I didn’t really much care either way. It was pan cooked corn with some stuff in it. It’s good in that hey, it’s corn and it’s been sorta toasted, but it’s not stellar.
The Green Chile Chicken Tacos part of the dish, that was damn good. We do tacos a lot, so any variations I can learn to add to our repertoire for taco eats is something I am down with. These were bright and tasty and had a slow heat build. By the time you got done, your mouth was on fire, but it wasn’t overwhelming right off the bat. We are totally going to make these on our own. The one issue we had with this dish was that they sent 5 corn tortillas instead of 6, but we had flour tortillas on hand, so I just used one of those. I personally really liked the flour tortilla better. This is no surprise, I generally prefer them over corn tortillas, but the corn tortillas were just falling apart while I was eating them so I found that annoying and the flour one stayed together. Otherwise, I’m not sure I’d have a preference for this dish, the tacos were good as they were.