Plated week 8

Moo Shu Chicken with Pancakes
So, this dish had a lot of mushrooms, and I don’t like mushrooms, but expanding borders etcetera. For me it was OK. It wasn’t the worse mushroom dish I’d ever had, and as far as they go it was pretty darn good, but man, SO. MANY. MUSHROOMS. Shmoo liked it though. Thought it was really tasty.

Szechuan Lamb Noodles with Bok Choy
Delicious! I don’t think we’d change a thing. We definitely want to try to make this one on our own. If we can’t find ground lamb, we’ll probably try bison, but the lamb-ground beef mix was really perfect for this. The lamb added so much flavor but the ground beef kept it from being over-powering. This was tasty, and relatively quick and easy. I don’t think we’ve liked an entire dish this much since the first one we tried (vegetarian buritos back in plated week 1).