Plated Desserts 1

So, because we only get 2 meals for 2 people per week, we come in at 6 bucks under the free shipping minimum. To fix that, we took the advice of shmoo’s co-worker and get one 1 dessert a week, which is 8 bucks, so for 2 bucks more a week, you also get a dessert. We aren’t really dessert people however, so I am not making those in as timely a fashion as we do the dinners. (Looking at the app however, it appears because we are getting desert for 2 instead of one, it’s 12 bucks, not 8.) They offer 2 choices of dessert each week, and it appears the choices run for 2 weeks at a time. So I plan to post on the dessert recipes we try as well, but not as often. Dessert posts will only be once or twice a month instead of weekly, and likely run a little behind when we actually get the kits.

So far we have made Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies with Cranberries and No Churn Ice Cream with Chocolate Coconut Sauce.
We also have one Peanutbutter Marble Brownies kit in house already, but another is coming next week so I decided to wait and just make them both together.

The cookies were a bit meh. The texture was odd. They were OK, but I don’t think I would seek them out as something I was craving to eat. The dark chocolate, oats, and cranberries did all pair well together however, so maybe if the cookie consistancy were better we’d have liked them more.

The no-churn ice cream was a pain in the ass for me. Plated has you do things very manually, which I get, because who wants to require a mixer for a 2 person dessert or any pre-prepped meal you order? I would not get/make this again unless it were in a large enough quantity to use my stand mixer. Having to whisk the heavy cream until it was stiff peaked (very fast for 5 minutes or so) is really to much for my hands, wrist, elbows and arms. I’m in the middle of a tiny RA flare because I can’t take NSAIDs right now, and whipping the cream sucked. I called shmoo in about halfway through and had him finish up. I also didn’t like the little pop-tab on the condensed milk, as it made it take forever to get it out. I ended up using a can opener anyway at the end. I thought there was too much chocolate sauce and the toasted coconut would have been better put into the “ice-cream” to provide it more flavor than just sprinkled on top. It wasn’t bad, and I could see using the method again (with my stand mixer!!!) with some mixed berries or other fruit thrown in as a fruity not quite ice-cream treat and that would probably be quite delicious.