Where is this year going?

How is it March already? And been that way for over a week at that!

Craft-wise I have completed nothing. I’ve got a few things going on though, so there’s that.
The days are just flying by right now. It’s probably because I am so busy at work, and then I am trying to do more in the evenings. Be more social, go to more events/meetups, that sort of thing.

We were slated to have family from both sides here for the Cherry Blossom Festival so we went out and made sure we had furniture for the guest room and it was nice enough that we’d be OK staying in it, and now no one is coming. So that’s frustrating, but at least it’s all ready now with nothing more to do to it. I still want to get a daybed for the craft room once I finish getting it all sorted, so that there’s another place for people to sleep if needed, but it’s on the back burner for now.

Spring is slowing coming and we’ve got patio furniture just waiting on it. I made shmoo grill for our dinner Sunday night and it was awesome. I can’t wait until he’s grilling most every night as it’s tasty, and for a bonus, I don’t have to cook everything.

I need to order my herb garden seeds and find a bird bath and feeders I like sometime soon. I plan to set up a little bird area in our back yard far enough away from the porch and herb garden that it’s not an issue so I can take photos of the birds again. Even though we only moved 8 miles away, there seems to be a lot more variety in the birds that hang out, so it should be interesting to see what turns up.

I’ve also got two trees in the backyard picked out for a hammock. All homes need a hammock out back for lazy reading days and naps in my view, and so it must be done.

That’s pretty much it right now, see ya next time!

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  1. I have someone coming over tonight and the good thing about it is that I can admire my tidy house all week (until it falls apart again). It almost makes up for the time I spent cleaning this afternoon.

    I looked at the garden today and thought about starting to tidy it up but then switched to company-cleaning duties.

    Lovely to see you again.

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