Move along now, there’s nothing to see….yet

So, we’ve managed to unpack most things we can without committing to new furniture first, and life is chugging along.

I’ve managed to get Bronchitis but am finally in the last bit of cough that sticks around forever stage.

I’ve finished a knit! But it’s going to be a Christmas gift so it can’t be posted until January.

My current knitting is a secret rush gift knit that may or may not make it, we’ll have to see.

No spinning to speak of, I haven’t spun any since we moved, but I keep thinking about setting up my wheel in the living room so that I can use it there until I decide what I’m doing to the craft room.
I need to get it unpacked still, and that involves buying some shelves, but I am not sure what kind I want or how big I want them, or even what type of wood color they should be if they aren’t painted.

I made Butternut Squash soup and wrote up the recipe for it, but I did some tweaks to the recipe for things I wished I had done and didn’t so now I need to test it before posting that, and we’ve just finished the pot, so it’ll likely be months on that as well. It was tasty though!

I am thinking of trying a key lime cheesecake for Thanksgiving this year instead of the traditional key like pie I make, but haven’t had time to dig up a recipe. Does anyone know of a good one?

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  1. I hate moving, the last time we did it I swore that we were never moving again. Those last few boxes hung around forever and I thought we’d never be done. I hope that it all has gone better for you.

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