Arizona part 2

We just got home from another two weeks in Arizona.
Still no Coyotes (now referred to as Coyoticorns) or anything else of interest.
I did buy some yarn from Jessica Knits and we ate at Fate Brewing Company (again for both!). Both places are bright spots in our visit to the shitty area that is Phoenix Arizona and the valley.
It’s really hot out there. But, it is indeed a dry heat. But still hotter than blazes, especially when there isn’t a cool ACed house to go into afterwards.
After spending time outside in the direct hotter than hell sun however, you learn to appreciate the not cool enough house.

I haven’t knit a damn thing, though I did have knitting with me, and my spinning stayed home, so while I spun a ton last year for Tour de Fleece, this year, I didn’t even complete a full 4 oz.
Ah well, life happens, and sometimes you just have to accept it.

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  1. I so enjoyed your reading of “Growing Up Human” on Escape Pod and was so intrigued by “soapturtle” that I naturally had to look your site up. After I recovered from the shock of seeing all the great fiber art, I thought to myself: “this woman has abducted my wife and put her to work crafting all this stuff!” Seriously though, I’ll pass on your link to her. She’s a spinner/weaver/knitter/dyer, etc., plus she even has the fiber production end covered. Anyway, just wanted to tip the hit to your beautiful handiwork.

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